Beer Recipes

American Amber Ale (West Coast U.S. style) - Bigger, bolder, and hoppier than your standard Amber, with a bit of additional dry hopping thrown in.
American IPA - My follow-up to my Alpine Duet clone, as its replacement for the final round of the NHC in Seattle in June, 2012.
American IPA #2 - A "Kitchen Sink" type IPA, hopped with lots of varieties to clean out my freezer: Centennial, Amarillo, Belma, and Falconer's Flight.
American IPA #3 - Brewed with Galaxy, Nelson Sauvin, and CTZ, fermented with Wyeast London Ale III; also, high chloride water.
American Pale Ale - A kind-of-botched attempt at a recipe with equal parts Sorachi Ace and Citra hops.
American Pale Ale #2 - Brewed solely with lots of Belma and Cascade hops.
American Pale Ale #3 - One of my favourite APAs I've brewed, featuring Azacca and Galaxy hops, fermented with London Ale III.
American Pale Ale #4 - Recipe and hop schedule very similar to Ed Coffey's Tired Hands HopHands clone, but different hops, and fermented with Funktown Pale Ale yeast.
Belgian "APA" - Inspired by Schilling's Racogne, a low-ABV Belgian IPA hopped with plenty of Mosaic and Equinox; one of my favourite Belgian ales I've brewed.
Belgian Dubbel - A malty, slightly phenolic with some fruity esters, Belgian Strong Ale.
Belgian Dubbel #2 - 2016 Christmas give-away beer, similar recipe to a really old Dubbel, but with vanilla bean added, and fermented with the Chimay strain.
Belgian Golden Strong Ale - Pretty close to Duvel, a strong, very dry, moderately bitter Belgian Ale.
Belgian Pale Ale - My second time brewing this style; well-balanced between fruity, spicy, and malty, a great easy-drinking Belgian beer.
Belgian Red IPA - Another Belgian/IPA crossover experiment; this is a Belgian Pale Ale grist, darkened with a touch of Midnight Wheat, hopped with Azacca, Mosaic, and Simcoe, and fermented with Wyeast Belgian Schelde.
Belgian Session IPA - My spin on a Belgian IPA, but with the alcohol dialled down to <5% ABV; Westmalle yeast, and Amarillo and Citra hops.
Belgian Tripel - Great Belgian style, balanced nicely between spicy and fruity, finishing very dry with a firm bitterness; this recipe uses the Westmalle yeasts train.
Berliner Weisse - A sour and tart, refreshing, low-alcohol German beer. 
Biere de Garde - A French-style malty, toasty, strong ale.
Blonde Ale - My 3rd attempt at this style, tweaked to a point I think I'm quite happy with.
Bohemian Pilsner - A well-rounded, refreshing, and softly-bitter Pilsner.
Brett IPA - My first 100%-Brett beer, fermented with The Yeast Bay's Brett Amalgamation (a blend of six strains), and hopped with Amarillo and Hallertau Blanc.
Brett IPA #2 - Brett Amalgamation again, no changes to the grist, but hopped with two Southern Hemisphere varieties - Galaxy and Southern Cross.
Brett IPA #3 - Fermented with White Labs Brett brux Trois Vrai, hopped entirely with Azacca.
Brett IPA #4 - Hopped with Vic Secret and Citra, this batch was split in two - half fermented with Brett C, half with the Amalgamation blend.
Brett Session IPA - Dialed back the ABV, Brett Amalgamation, hopped with Azacca and Columbus.
Brown IPA - AKA a hoppy American Brown Ale, my own recipe with lots of Nugget, Columbus, and Citra.
Brown IPA #2 - Same grist as before, but hopped with CTZ, Galaxy and Simcoe, and fermented with London Ale III.
California Common - After an under-attenuated result a few years ago, my second attempt at this style - a part lager/part ale, toasty and firmly bitter beer that showcases the Northern Brewer hop.
Classic American Pilsner - With similarities to German and Bohemian Pilsner, this beer is a bit bigger in alcohol, and more importantly, exhibits more hop aroma and flavor.
Coffee Sweet Stout - Coffee added by "dry-beaning" in secondary.
Columbus Pale Ale - The grist for the Epic Pale Ale clone, but brewed with all-Columbus (vs. all-Cascade in the clone).
Doppelbock - A big, malty, German lager.
Dunkelweizen - A refreshing, dark German wheat ale.
Extra Special Bitter - My second attempt at this style, loosely based on the gold-medal-winning recipe from the 2010 NHC.
Flanders Brown - With a more-nuanced malt character and less acetic sourness than a Flanders Red, truly one of the great sour beer styles.
Flanders Red - My first attempt at a sour beer: most bottled after 15 months in the fermenter, the rest aged on cherries for another few months.
Galaxy DIPA - An all-Galaxy hopped Imperial IPA.
Gose - Kettle-soured with Lacto plantarum capsules; half the batch dry-hopped with Citra, half with lime zest.
Gose #2 - Kettle-soured with L. plantarum again, dry-hopped with Chinook and grapefruit zest.
Gose #3 - Half with cilantro and lime zest, half with oak chips and lemon zest, and dry-hopped with Southern Cross.
Hefeweizen - One of the truly great beer styles, especially in the summer... spritzy, refreshing, with a good balance of clove and banana aromas and flavors.
Hoppy Saison - Very similar to my Prairie 'Merica clone, with a few minor hop changes - Nelson, Citra, and Centennial.
Imperial IPA - My 2015 Christmas gift-beer, brewed with Amarillo, Comet and Hallertau Blanc, fermented with London Ale III.
Imperial IPA #2 - My entry for the 2016 Big Spruce Home Brew Competition, a Northeast DIPA brewed with five hop varieties, fermented with LAIII.
India Pale Lager - My first attempt, this one is hopped with Cascade, Comet and Vic Secret, fermented with Munich Lager II. Came out very nice, lots of hops, smooth and clean.
Milkshake IPA - First try at this new "style", lots of Azacca and Equinox, plus lactose, vanilla bean, and orange zest.
Milkshake IPA #2 - Azacca, Citra and Mosaic this time, plus grapefruit zest; the increase to a full vanilla bean was worth it.
Munich Dunkel - A smooth, easy-drinking, malty lager.
Munich Helles - The beer geek's "light lager", it's an easy-drinking style, low alcohol, but still has some nice malt character.
Oktoberfest - My favorite type of lager, and one of my favorite homebrew results yet.
Red IPA - A.K.A. a hoppy Amber; brewed with Amarillo, Azacca and Simcoe, my Christmas-giveaway beer that came out really great.
Red IPA #2 - Completely different recipe, hopped with CTZ, Cascade, and Mosaic; gold-medal winner in the 2015 Big Spruce Home Brew Competition.
Saison - An "Imperial" or "Super" take on the style, made with a fairly-large proportion of wheat malt; half plain, half aged on raspberries.
Schwarzbier - Smooth, kind-of-roasty dark lager... one of my favorites.
Schwarzbier #2 - Not many changes to the previous recipe, but using the private collection Wyeast 2352 Munich Lager II.
Session IPA - A lower-ABV American IPA, brewed with all-Mosaic hops.
Session IPA #2 - Same recipe as attempt #1, this time trying all El Dorado hops.
Session IPA #3 - Recipe honed in now; this brew features all Equinox hops.
Session IPA #4 - All Summer hopped, bumped the mash temp up a few degrees.
Session IPA #5 - Grist change (Row 2, Hill 56 clone) and yeast switch (London Ale III), focusing on the wonderful Nelson Sauvin hop.
Session IPA #6 - Grist same as #5, single-hopped with another Southern Hemisphere variety, Kohatu.
Session IPA #7 - Back to US-05, hopped entirely with Chinook.
Session Red IPA - I took my Maine Beer Co. Zoe clone, and dropped it down to 4.3% ABV... worked out great, still lots of hop and malt character, in a smaller package.
Session Red IPA #2 - Hopped entirely with Citra, and fermented with London Ale III.
Sour Session IPA - Kettle-soured with L. plantarum capsules, fermented with Brett brux Trois Vrai; batch split into two, half dry-hopped with Citra, and half with Equinox.
Southern English Brown - A malty, sweet, English session ale.
Southern English Brown #2 - Some tweaking of the previous recipe, brewed with the no-sparge method to hopefully increase the maltiness.
Standard/Ordinary Bitter - Sessionable English Pale Ale.
Standard American Lager - An easy-drinking summer beer to have on hand for less-inclined-to-drink-craft-beer family members.
Sweet Stout - Second attempt at the style; dark, roasty, creamy, thanks to a healthy portion of lactose powder in the recipe.
Vienna Lager - Based on the recipe from Brewing Classic Styles, a toasty/bready Lager quite similar in style to an Oktoberfest.
White IPA - Basically a mix of a Witbier and American IPA; my first attempt, hopped with Amarillo and El Dorado.
Witbier - A Belgian wheat beer, and one of the truly great summer beers. My 2nd attempt at the style.
Witbier #2 - A few minor changes from the previous recipe, including using real orange peel, and hopping with Belma.

Clone recipes of commercial brews:
Anderson Valley Boont Amber - A malty Amber Ale with low bitterness, but a good amount of last-minute hops added for aroma.
Alpine Beer Co. Duet IPA - An attempted clone of this fantastic American IPA, put together from a few notes from Alpine's brewermaster/owner.
Alpine Beer Co. Duet IPA 2.0 - Two years later, attempt #2! Slight change to the grist, lower mash temp, more hops.
Alpine Beer Co. Nelson - Very highly-rated IPA, using Nelson Sauvin and Southern Cross.
Deschutes Black Butte Porter - A very tasty Robust Porter.
Epic Pale Ale - A very popular American Pale Ale from New Zealand, luckily becoming more and more available in North America.
Hill Farmstead James - A Black IPA from one of the highest-rated breweries in the world.
Hill Farmstead James 2.0 - Another shot at the recipe, with a very minor grist change and a new English yeast; hops unchanged.
Hill Farmstead James 3.0 - Third and last attempt; grist and hops virtually unchanged, this time fermented with London Ale III.
Kern River Citra DIPA - One of the highest-rated Imperial IPAs from California, huge on Citra hops... brings dry-hopping to a whole new level.
Lawson's Finest Liquids Double Sunshine - A highly-rated DIPA, brewed with all Citra hops in the flavor, aroma and dry-hop additions.
Maine Beer Co. Dinner - One of the tastiest, highest-rated, difficult to find DIPAs out there; unfortunately, my attempt fell far short of the real thing.
Maine Beer Co. Lunch - A classic Maine IPA, and still very popular; brewed with an apparent straight-out-of-their-brewlog recipe.
Maine Beer Co. MO - Easily one of the best American Pale Ales you can find, in my opinion... super-hoppy and delicious (#4 in the Maine Beer Clone series).
Maine Beer Co. Peeper - The first beer from the brewery, a super-tasty APA that still shows its chops compared to many others in the style.
Maine Beer Co. Zoe - A fabulous American Amber in the West-Coast U.S. style... big and hoppy (#3 in the Maine Beer Clone series).
Modern Times Blazing World - Hoppy American Amber, brewed with lots of Mosaic, Nelson Sauvin and Simcoe hops.
Modern Times Fortunate Islands - A sessionable American Wheat beer, with a crapload of fruity, tropical hops (LOTS of Citra, especially).
Modern Times Fortunate Islands 2.0 - Here, I did half the batch with US-05 as before, and the other half with White Labs "Brux" Trois (formerly known as Brett Trois).
Oxbow Brewing Freestyle #5 - A Black Wheat Saison from one of Maine's best breweries (#1 in the Maine Beer Clone series).
Oxbow Brewing Grizacca clone - A sessionable Saison-style beer, heavily-hopped with the new hot variety, Azacca (#5 in the Maine Beer Clone series).
Portsmouth Brewing Kate the Great - An attempt at the yearly beer-geek white whale, from notes from the former head brewer.
Prairie Artisan Ales 'Merica - A SMASH Saison (all pilsner and Nelson Sauvin), half with Brett and half without.
Reid 1839 IPA - Not really a commercial beer now, since it technically hasn't been available for over a century... but it's an English IPA with very high bitterness and a heck of a lot of Fuggle hops.
Rising Tide Daymark - A Rye Pale Ale from one of Maine's newer breweries (#2 in the Maine Beer Clone series).
Russian River Blind Pig - The American IPA that paved the road to Pliny the Elder and beyond!
Russian River Pliny the Younger - Does this beer even need an intro? Ok... a super-hoppy (equivalent of almost 1.5 lbs of hops per single batch!) Imperial (Triple?) IPA. One of the white whales of craft beers, now in your own home!
Russian River Row 2, Hill 56 - Brewed for my older brother's wedding, this is a very tasty American Pale Ale brewed with all-Simcoe hops.
Smuttynose Finestkind IPA - Recipe based on the one provided in Mitch Steele's IPA book.
Societe Brewing Co. The Pupil - One of the best American IPAs I've ever had... lots of tropical fruit aromas and flavors; with help from Societe brewer Douglas Constantiner.
Stone Vertical Epic 090909 - Slightly tweaked from the recipe notes on Stone's website, a Belgian Imperial Porter with vanilla, oak, and sweet orange peel.
Trillium Scaled Up - One of the best beers I've ever tried, this DIPA is hopped with plenty of CTZ, Nelson, Galaxy and Mosaic.

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